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Loon Watch Contributor llisha Promotes and Justifies the Hatred, Murder and Genocide of Middle-Eastern Christians.

  Recently I came across a rather interesting website called Loonwatch. It was the first time I had visited this website which is aimed at  combating Anti-Muslim bigotry. Not being religious myself and having an interest in Islamic history, I ventured to read  some articles. The first article I read  entitled "Steve King: Western Civilization Created Everything."

   I have to say I seriously disagree with Steven kings analysis, especially  since  I currently live in China and know all too well the contributions made by the ancient Chinese, but I digress. What really sickened me was the hateful and  misinformed Loonwatch moderator and contributor llisha who sickeningly justified the contemporary sufferings  of Christians  in the Middle-East. I must state at the outset  that I am neither a Christian nor Muslim and have no vested interest other than  opposing  bigotry and  defending the truth.

llisha in the comments section, when confronted by someone mentioning the sufferings of Christians in the Middle-East, llisha  had this to say

    First off let's be clear about these persecutions. They have risen in  their ferocity and  brutality over the years, So much so that  numerous UK MPs and US Secretary of State and presidential  candidate  Hillary Clinton have called them to be listed as  a genocide.

   The Guardian wrote "In the UK, dozens of MPs meanwhile signed an early day motion saying that “the beheadings, crucifixions, shootings, burnings, other murders, torture, rape and extensive violence being perpetrated by Daesh or IS against Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq on the basis of religion and ethnicity … clearly, falls within the definition of genocide”.In the US, Hillary Clinton added her voice to the calls. When a voter at a town hall meeting before the New Hampshire primary asked if she would call what was happening in the Middle East a genocide, Clinton said: “I will, because we now have enough evidence.”There was a campaign, she added, “deliberately aimed at destroying not only lives but,  wiping out the existence of Christian and other religious minorities in the Middle East in territories controlled by Isis”.Genocide resolutions have been introduced to the US Congress. And last yearPope Francis, speaking about the Middle East, said: “In this third world war, waged piecemeal, which we are now experiencing, a form of genocide is taking place.”

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Middle-East and North Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International said 
"Coptic Christians across Egypt face discrimination in law and practice and have been victims of regular sectarian attacks while authorities systematically look the other way,” 

     So we are talking about widespread,  frequent, massacres, atrocities and persecutions which  leading politicians, including the possible next president Hillary Clinton,  want to formally  recognise as a  genocide. Last year alone one report found that more than 7,100 Christians were killed for their religion  

     So what does llisha say in response to these atrocities and possible genocide? She tries  to defend them with her sickening hatred. "This notion that Christians are 100% innocent lambs and the Muslims are 100% to blame for all of the trouble in the region doesn't reflect reality."  We can see her focus is not an honest examination of these atrocities but  has an ideology of Islamic Apologetics, defending her coreligionists from any and all blame and advancing an ideology of  perpetual Muslim victimhood. She presents a vast  oversimplification of  the current climate in the middle-east which she reduces to two groups the "Christians" and the  "Muslims." This really demonstrates her  "them" and "us" approach. She argues that  Christians aren't "100 % innocent" in the region nor  Muslims  "100 % guilty" so Muslims shouldn't be blamed. Now nobody is  arguing that no Christian has ever committed atrocities in the Middle-East, there were atrocities like the  1982 massacre of 3500 Muslims by Lebanese Christian Phalangists. However, she uses the argument that "Christians  do bad things too" to prevent  herself or her readers from  honestly addressing this near extinction  and genocide of contemporary Christians  in the Middle-East.

  We see no detailed analysis of this extinction and genocide rendered but are presented with infantile reasoning which really doesn't address anything.

    She ignores the fact that in every country in the Middle-East Christians are a minority and there have been far  more attacks perpetrated against these minorities than by them. She fails to mention that Christian populations are slowly getting driven from the Middle- East by instability, intolerance and  the rise of such Islamic fundamentalist groups as Isis. The most startling thing is her failure to show any sympathy, compassion or condemnation of these persecutions. No, she attempts to justify and defend any and all Muslims from  being blamed. This isn't about  blaming an entire religion for the acts of a few. What it is about is having the Intellectual honesty to honesty, to  honestly  examine the situation and realise yes some Muslims are actively murdering and persecuting Middle-Eastern Christians and driving them from the region. These ancient communities have histories going back well over a thousand years when they peacefully coexisted with their Muslim neighbors. One only has to be blind not to see the exodus from the Middle-East by persecution and ignore what Amnesty International considers this a major problem.  llisha's comments ignore this and are about minimizing and justifying  these atrocities whilst solely focusing on Muslim historical grievances . Claiming  that "Christians do it too" , prevents  her from actually trying to examine this travesty in any  legitimate way and enables her to falsely mischaracterise it. I asked her what  sin had the  97 Coptic Christians done, who were just going to church when they viciously murdered in Alexandria? I  never got a response.  

     I am sad to say that llisah's bigotry and perpetual Islamic victimhood ideology only gets far worse. In replying to  a comment about  persecution  and atrocities faced by Christians in the Middle-East,  she honestly  then tries to justify the hatred that Muslims feel towards Christians. 

    She argues that the legacy caused  by Western Imperialism has given  Muslims "good reasons" to resent Christians. Are  you getting that?, Muslims have good reasons to hate and murder their Christian neighbors, the trauma caused by Western Imperialism which  she claims gave  Middle-Eastern Christians more privileges than Muslims and  blames for their widespread hatred. As genocide deniers often do, she blames the victims, the  Middle-Eastern Christians who will soon cease to exist. According to her, Western Imperialism caused Christians in the Middle- East to become arrogant, supporting outside powers and this caused them to be hated. This is little more than justiying Muslim  hatred of Christians.  She never provides any evidence either  linking Muslims hating Christians and subsequently persecuting them to either Western imperialism or Christian arrogance. All she can do is provide  anecdotal evidence of Christian arrogance which she uses as a logical fallacy to bolster her flawed arguments. So she blames the victims, the  Middle-Eastern Christians for being hated and murdered because of her own arrogance. Wow! that is the most bigoted thing I have read for quite some time. But llisha assures us the Muslims have good reasons for it, their historical grievences. The message of llisha is that hatred is justified as long you are a Muslim! I'm sure the Middle-Eastern Christians could list numerous similar historical grievances and instances of persecution over the centuries since the Islamic conquest of the Byzantine Empire, however, let's ignore that. Let's follow the absurdity of llisha's logic where it leads.

      llisha's hateful denial attitude much reminded me of a propaganda documentary about The Yugoslav war I recently saw  The Weight of Chains in which the  director tried to  defend and minimize all Serbian acts of atrocities perpetrated against Bosnian Muslims whilst focusing only on those committed against the Serbs. I said to llisha that following her own logic of trauma caused by Imperialism justifying hatred and giving  people good reasons to hate and murder then she has to admit that the Serbs  had good reasons to justify these acts of ethnic cleansing committed against their Muslim neighbors. Let's not forget that the trauma caused by losing the  battle of Kosovo in 1389  and  hundreds of years  of  resistance against Ottoman Imperial domination and subjugation basically formed the Serb identity. The Battle of Kosovo is often reenacted , the subject of many great literary epics and the Serbs  preserved many oral traditions about the  battle over the centuries
By llisha's own logic this was a  "trauma" caused by Ottoman Imperialism that justified Serbs hating Muslims and the wholesale slaughter of thousands of  Bosnian  Muslims in Srebrenica. I hope the reader can  see how flawed her own reasoning is which she  advances to try to defend a similar genocide. 

    llisha  has to resort to  blaming  the victims and gripes about historical grievances caused by Western Imperialism. Let's ignore  actual people suffering today and complain about historical grievances and justifications for hatred Muslims feel!, It's unbelievable  such justifications for hatred are coming from a supposed anti-hate site moderator. We see that loon watchers are pretty looney  themselves and are not really focused on the admirable task of defending Muslims from bigotry. Rather, we can see they have an ideology of defending the actions of any and all Muslims, no matter the context or  action. Secondly, their agenda is to  promote an attitude of  perpetual Muslim victimhood so even when Muslims aren't the victims  they can still justify hatred of others. As far as I can see they do all this under the guise of  combating islamophobia. I find their apologetics ideology rather sickening.

    Whilst nobody would argue that Christians are entirely innocent in the Middle-East, focusing on Western Imperialism and ignoring their contemporary suffering is pretty pathetic. No adequate treatment of the persecution is given instead it's a standard fare of  minimizing, distorting, obfuscating and blaming the victims for being hated.  I have no hatred of Muslims but what I do hate is bigotry and dishonesty in service of  such hateful agendas.

   I challenged llisha to defend her hateful statements. First,  she criticised me for taking her out of context

    This is laughable as far from  taking her out of context, I tried to give as much context as possible and clearly said she was responding to other comments and gave a brief summary of what those comments that she was responding to were about. Similarly, just because she is responding to someone else and is not writing a stand alone comment I can't analyse what she wrote in context?

    I gave a clear indication that llisha was responding to others and I even summarised  that the original comment she was responding to was about Christians being persecuted in the Middle-East. I clearly stated this. How did I miss the point and take her comments out of context? By her own admission, she read little more than three lines of my comments so maybe she missed it. Let's see a similar instance of her responses.

   I responded to her and clearly indicated she was responding to a comment about a Middle-Eastern Christians jeering at an ask Imam columns and she sickeningly tried to link this to general hatred of Christians

   So here I  again gave the context that  she was responding to a comment about a Christian lady jeering at  "ask imam" columns. Far from taking her comment out of context I clearly mentioned the context.

She said something else I disagree with.

  First of all its not being about either Christians of Muslims"entirely innocent" or "entirely guilty"  that is how a child looks at things. It is about having the honesty to look at the situation and say yes, Christians are being massacred and persecuted and its reprehensible. Does she ever do that? no! She blames the victims justify and defend genocide. Next Id ask again what did the victims of these persecutions do that so warranted being killed? They were too arrogant? She makes vast and hateful over-generalisations about all Middle-Eastern Christians.

   I have already mentioned the widespread  atrocities and persecutions taking place today. We have no idea about this person what conditions forced this Middle-Eastern Christian to leave and what  caused such bitterness so  she can't really  prove it is caused by her own nasty personality when she hasn't even met the person or have any idea about what she may have experienced. More flawed reasoning.

  These numerous instances of persecution far from being "gossip" they are fact recognised  by Amnesty International and numerous world governments. llisha criticizes the oversimplifications of assigning guilt and innocence to entire groups when she ironically introduced that to the discussion herself.

   Then llisha has the audacity to complain about Islam haters and prejudice  when ironically she is one of the biggest haters I have ever seen. Let's not forget she is the one trying to justify hatred and minimalise and ignore genocide. I can't believe this girl's hypocrisy. 

  Also i want to make a clear distinction between criticizing religion and demonising Muslims. These are two very different things. Christians and Muslims frequently criticize, jeer and ridicule each other's doctrines constantly on youtube. Criticizing any religion is our democratic freedom and is very different to Islamophobia, the spreading bigotry and fear towards Muslims and presenting them as a threat to the west.

  I challenged llsha again to defend her hateful statements and prove I  had  taken her out of context

     All she can do when called out on her bigotry  is claim I took her out of context , ignore me,  then ban me. llisha is the epitome of intellectual dishonesty. She never provided any evidence that I did  take her out of context nor offered any refutation of my arguments. She just says she is disinterested. These loon watchers are so embarrassed by their own hatred and inability to defend their own bigotry that they have to resort to banning me to get rid of me rather than try to intellectually examine or defend their own statements. I have to conclude she is unable, especially given her frequent responses  to others  and lecturing of others in the comment section. Loonies such as llisha are only interested in presenting Muslims as always being the victims and  that their hatred  is justified without providing any evidence they have to run away when confronted in any serious manner. They dwell in a fantasy world of perpetual Muslim victimhood, where any Muslim act is justified due to  trauma caused by imperialism and lack the integrity and intellectual honesty to actually examine the world and see that just isn't the case. They have to resort to  denial, obfuscation  and spreading  hate in service of defending atrocities committed by their coreligionists out of a pathological fear of criticism from "Islam haters" which is ironic  as I find her equally as hateful. Their censorship  and eventual banning of me when all I did was hold them accountable, really motivated me to start this  blog and document their bigotry and lies. Even if nobody reads this initially  , I  still wanted to express my opinion free of LoonWatch's censorship and warn others about this vile hate site.

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  1. I also posted on that site, initially trying to reason with them and find a common ground. Of course, Ilisha got hostile and instantly accused me of being a bigot. They have put my comments in some sort of pre-moderation default. I am not even going to bother anymore because I don't do censorship.